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BGB Traditional Chrome-Over-Brass Limited Edition Snare Drums.


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Celebrating our first year in business, Bang-Go-Boom is happy to announce the release of our Traditional Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum. This limited-edition snare drum pays homage to the great COB snare drums of the early twentieth century, offered in 5×14 (10-lug) & 6.5×14 (8-lug) sizes. Only fifteen (15) drums of each size will be offered. Each drum is individually serialized & dated and includes a complete vintage build-out: Heavy-duty COB Shell, COB Single Flange Hoops & Clips, COB Tube Lugs, Classic Three Point Strainer, High-Carbon 16-strand Snare Wires, Remo Ambassador Drum Heads and signature Bang-Go-Boom Drum Key.

The Bang-Go-Boom Traditional Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum is warm, articulate and is incredibly responsive to the player. A full-bodied, versatile snare drum with tremendous attack and clarity; this is a simple, classic, and elegant snare drum that provides a beautiful COB snare drum tone.

This drum is an incredible value providing “Bang” for the buck with a street price of $495.00.
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Gretsch 5.5×14 Cadillac Green Nitron/24K Gold Hardware. 1950’s Birdland Model. 3-Ply Shell. 8-Lug.

This is the real deal. This is a very rare and special snare drum, as showcased on pg. 114 of uber-collector Mike Curotto’s vintage snare drum book “The Curotto Collection, Volume 1, Rare American-Made Vintage Snare Drums 1900’s – 1940’s”. After the release of the book (late 2006), this snare drum was on consignment. Having had Mike as a drum set instructor at one time, I approached Mike about the drum and it’s been in my collection ever since – displayed, not played, in my home. The drum remains in the exact condition as photographed in Curotto’s book. Upon acquiring the snare drum, I had Bill Wanser re-tuck the slunk head which was ripped. Beyond that, the Gretsch Responso wires now have matching “Caddy Green” snare cord. The snare cord was not original when I took ownership of the drum, so this is a minor change. The drum is in terrific condition given its age, and remains fully operational and playable. As the photographs will show, there is an original cigarette burn (small) on the top batter head.
Although from a different era (1950’s), this snare drum deserves to be included in this book because there are probably fewer than ten in existence. This is a genuine Cadillac Green Nitron 24kt gold-plated Gretsch Birdland Model. Nitron is the Gretsch term for “plastic finish/wrap” (not painted). The hardware is genuine 24kt hard gold plating like the Gretsch guitars of the same period. This drum was found in a New York jazz club and remains a genuine artifact from the golden era of jazz.” – Mike Curotto.
If interested in discussing the drum further, please call me at 650-207-3464 or email More photos available by request.


Mayer Bros. Drums 8-Ply Maple Snare Drum.

Mayer 1

Beautiful sounding Mayer Bros. 8-ply maple snare drum with additional quilted maple outer-ply. Walnut stain finish. 5.5×14″. Dated March 12th, 2012. Complete with Chrome-Over-Brass Single Flange Hoops, 10 Lugs, TRICK GS-007 strainer, and 45′ edges. This drum has seen minimal play time, and the factory head currently on the drum has seen no play time. Tonally it’s bright & warm. Incredibly sensitive and responsive maple snare drum with a gorgeous lacquer finish.


San Francisco Drum Co. 1906 – 2006 Earthquake & Fire Commemorative Snare Drum.


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This San Francisco Drum Company snare drum commemorates the centennial anniversary of the Great San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. This drum was inspired by the military and pit orchestra drums of the era and includes design elements representing the elements and events of the time.

This instrument is designed with a unique combination of silver-plated and decorative brass components inspired by the events of the 1906 earthquake and fire. The drum is finished in a custom mahogany stain with an antique oil and varnish polish, and features a custom silver-over-brass metal inlay with engraving by John Aldridge. The snare strainer is hand-crafted by Adrian Kirchler of AK Drums/Italy. The inlay is set into a channel created by cutting the all-maple shell into two sections. The shell is rejoined with additional plies to symbolize the San Andreas fault line that exists under the city today and the rebuilding of San Francisco after the fire.

“I wanted people to be reminded of facing a severe setback and overcoming adversity,” said Garry Williams of SF Drum Co. “I combined wood and metal, which was used to rebuild the City, and the drum represents the vital role of the military in keeping down chaos.”

This special limited edition collectable instrument includes a custom-made wooden case, certificate of authenticity and a historical book.